RazorSQL for SQLite

By Emma Vandelinder and Allison Graves

RazorSQL is a front-end program that provides tools to browse, manage and edit databases, with more than 30 database managers supported.  Although RazorSQL is very similar to SQLite Manager, new users will still need time to make the transition.

One of the first differences is in the query box. Like many SQL clients, RazorSQL shows the user two windows for viewing. However, unlike SQLite, users are able to type their queries on numbered lines and the SQL is highlighted blue.




Another major difference with RazorSQL is the drop-down menu that appears when you begin a query. This drop-down menu allows the user to select field and table names, which helps cut down on typing errors.

For example, this drop-down menu appears when the user types a WHERE statement.




Unlike SQLite, RazorSQL offers users the opportunity to edit data. In the second window, users can turn on editing and directly type into the field. This could be useful if the user notices any inconsistencies in the data.




RazorSQL also offers more features, a seen by the greater number of toolbar buttons (top), compared to SQLite Manager (bottom).





All in all, RazorSQL is a comparable database manager to SQLite. We believe that the simplest way to execute SQL is to use the client that you first used. However, we think that RazorSQL is a worthy alternative.

Users can try RazorSQL free for 30 days. After that, the cost for a single-use license is $99.95. The program is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems.

SQLite client alternatives

SQLite Manager add-on for Firefox browsers has its quirks and shortcomings as a front-end program for SQLite databases. So I asked my students to find alternatives and write short first looks at those programs. They found:

  • RazorSQL, a commercial program for Macs, Windows and Linux machines
  • SQLPro, a commercial program for Macs
  • SQLiteStudio, a free and open source program for Macs, Windows and Linux machines
  • Navicat for SQLite, a commercial program for Macs and Windows machines
  • MesaSQLite, a commercial program for Macs

In the coming days, I’ll post their reviews here.