Computer-Assisted Reporting (JOUR 4430/7430)

Frequently asked questions


What are your options for taking computer assisted reporting?

  1. The regular class, with two sections each offered in the fall and spring semesters
  2. The CAR bootcamps, offered three times a year during school-year breaks

How do the classes differ?

The regular class moves at a slower pace and offers more reinforcement about using Structured Query Language (SQL). Also, you’ll get more context about how CAR fits into reporting, graphics and web applications. You’ll be graded on your participation, homework assignments, individual data negotiation (master’s students only) and final group project.

The IRE and NICAR boot camp is designed for working journalists and moves at a faster clip. You’ll be graded on your participation and a small individual project, which is due two weeks after the end of the training session.

Do you need a permission number to register?

Yes, you need a permission number for the regular-semester class and boot camps. Preference goes to students majoring in data journalism.

Are there any other requirements for the boot camp?

As these are training events for IRE members, you will need to join IRE as a student member ($25 a year) before the boot camp starts.

Do I keep a waiting list for the semester-long class?

No. If you’re unable to get a seat in the class and want to get in, please keep your eye on MyZou for openings.

Do I keep a waiting list for the boot camps?

Yes, demand for the seats is extremely high. The seats are often committed to students six months in advance.

Can you take either of the classes for 2 cr.?

No, though you might see that information in error on MyZou.