Due: Noon, Tues., Jan. 31


One of the best ways to dive into the world of computer-assisted reporting is to examine stories that have used data analysis.

So, for this assignment, I would like you to read a CAR story that’s been published in the past two years. Then, I want you to use the commenting system here to write a few paragraphs that summarize the story and how data was used. Also, note questions that you have about the story.

You can find examples of CAR stories a few different places:

  • Investigative Reporters and Editors Extra!Extra! investigative story blog, where you can see articles categorized as CAR.
  • Another option is GreatJournalism.net, where you can find stories by data type used. Derek Willis, a newsroom developer at The New York Times, maintains this site.
  • The Times and USA Today regularly run data-driven stories, so you might want to poke around on their sites. Search the sites for phrases like “data analysis”, “analysis of computer records” or “computer-assisted.”

I’m eager to see what you all dig up!