You can learn a bunch about computer-assisted reporting by regularly reading news stories that used data analysis. Plus, it’s a good way to find inspiration.

In some cases, CAR makes the story. In others, CAR might provide crucial context.

By noon Tues., Sept. 6, find a story where a journalist used CAR. Using the comments for this post, tell why the story interests you and list some questions you have about it. Also, include a link to the story. It’s fine to pick examples from radio, TV, the web or print — whatever catches your interest.

Where can you find examples of great CAR work?

Investigative Reporters and Editors, based here at the J-School, posts updates about investigative stories on its ExtraExtra! blog, where you can drill down to stories that used CAR. I subscribe to the RSS feed, so new stories pop up in my Google Reader.

Derek Willis, a newsroom developer at The New York Times, built a database of in-depth reporting at, where you can find stories by data type used.

The Times and USA Today regularly run data-driven stories, so you might want to poke around on their sites. Search the sites for phrases like “data analysis”, “analysis of computer records” or “computer-assisted.”